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Do you have a custom t shirt order? Need advice on t shirt printing?


We have over 30 years experience in all custom t shirt printing and would be happy to assist you to achieve your custom t-shirt design and print requirements.

Our management has extensive experience in the garment industry, from design and decoration to production and distribution on any level, with a  proven track record in delivering outstanding results in the development and supply of promotional merchandise.

Our product development consultants can take you ideas from conception to consumption, through design & packaging, sourcing raw materials,

We supply all promotion products, including Tshirts, Singlet, Polos, Hoodies,  conference bags, caps, aprons, towels, umbrellas, tea towels just to name a few.  We also offer a full pick and pack service, we take full responsibility to ensure all products are correctly decorated and are delivered within strict deadlines to your nominated address.

We offer custom t-shirts and t shirt printing and custom t shirt manufacturing.

Custom T-shirt printing – There is no minimum order for custom t shirt printing but the print price is directly related to the quantity at the time of order.

There are also several different custom t-shirt printing methods available,
1) Screen printing
2) screen printed transfers
3) Digital printing (DTG)
4) Vinyl transfers
5) Sublimation
6) construction printing

Each print method has its advantages and disadvantages.

We offer a full custom T shirt manufacturing service which also includes a custom neck label.
minimum order of 400 units / production time – 8 week from approval

We can make to your own specifications or copy your sample.

A production sample will be produced for your approval before bulk production.

We also offer a individual poly bagging service.

Custom t-shirt

If you require a custom t-shirt for your next event or party you have come to the right place.

Please visit our online custom t-shirt design centre at www.tshirthub.com.au.

At TshirtHUB you can :
1) select your shirt colour
2) select your required quantity per size
3) upload your own design
4) select fron, back or sleeve position
4) add text and much more

If you have a special custom t-shirt or want to develop a range, we would love to talk to you about your garment printing and distribution requirements.

Custom T-shirt printing is used for the promotions of, artistic ideas and or message.

Custom T-shirt printing is an easy and creative way to earn extra money or start a home business without having to out lay a lot of money.

During the 1950s t-shirts became fashionable outwear. Custom t-shirt printing grew in popularity as a form of marketing for organizations such as Disney and Coke a Cola.  Custom T-shirt printing continued to grow during the following decades until today by companies, governments and private individuals for advertising and creative expression purposes.

Since the early 2000 online shopping and the rise of social media, saw a increase in custom t-shirt printing, with video sharing sites came DIY tutorials for how to produce a custom t-shirt.

Custom T-shirt printing mainly utilizes the following printing techniques :
1) Digital ink –  small machines industrial machine
2) Digital Vinyl – print & cut (Roland)
3) Sublimation – all over printing onto polyester fabrics
4) Screen printing – traditional printing techniques
5) Embroidery

Other custom t-shirt printing methods included paints, dyes, spray paint, stenciling, stamping, bleaching and many more.

Custom printed T-shirts allow consumers to express their personal artistic expression in an without outlaying a lot of money.

Categories for custom printed t-shirts include designs for artistic and political expression, covering sectors of society from religion, politics, sports, music and personal photos.

Some of the most popular printed t-shirt designs are smiley face, Uncle Sam, “I went to …, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” along with seasonal designs such as Christmas, , Valentines Day,  Che Guevara, Rock Bands, Halloween, motor bikes, cars and simple design for birthdays, Worlds best Mum/Dad and farewells t-shirts.

During the 1950s several companies in America began decorating T-shirts with diffent resort namesand characters.  One of the first companies was Tropix Togs in Miami which was licensed to print Disney characters.

Custom T shirt printing FAQ

FAQ 1) is there a minimum quantity required?

Minimum order quantities will depend on the required print method.

Digital printing does not have a minimum order while screen printing usually has a minimum order of 20 units. screen printing can be expensive on small print runs due to set-up charges.

The print price is directly related to the quantity at the time of order.

FAQ 2) which print method produces the best print quality?

There are advantages and disadvantages for each application method.

In general but not always, Digital printing is usually used for parties and promotions etc while Screen printing gives the most professional finish and usually used for merchandising.

FAQ 3) Can a the print size be adjusted for different size shirts?

Digital print allows for the adjustment of print size, so the design can be made smaller on kids shirts or larger on the bigger shirts.  Screen printing is a fixed width across all size t shirts.

If a screen print is required across a large size range from kids to adults, several screens may be required.

FAQ 4) Which print method is most cost effective?

Custom T-shirt printing cost related to be quantity. Digital printing is the most cost effective t-shirt printing method on small print runs under 25 units.   However at about 50 units Screen  printing can become cheaper than digital printing, depending of the number of colours in the design.  Screen printing offers a fixed print width, while digital printing allows for the adjustment of print size.

In the current t shirt printing market digital printing is usually used for parties, promotions, while screen printing is usually used for large volume print runs, merchandising and resale items.

FAQ 5) Which print method is the most durable?

All t-shirt printing methods produce durable and long lasting prints, the durability of the print depends directly on the experience of the printer.

FAQ 6) Water types of ink are used in screen printing ?

Digital printing uses “waterbase” inks while Screen printing use both waterbase and “plastisol” inks.

T-shirt printing

T-shirt printing is an easy and creative way to earn extra money or start a home business without having to out lay a lot of money.  T shirt printing has become a way that artists can express their creativity and artistic vision.

T-shirt printers all over Australia and around the world are busy printing custom tshirts and other garments for companies, businesses, organizations, churches, schools, individuals, fund raisers, designers and sports organisers.

Michael Vasilantone developing a rotatable multicolour t shirt printing machine in the 1960’s

During the following decades the new fad of t shirt printing took off and demand for Vasilantone t-shirt printed grew. T shirt printing now accounts for more than half of garment printing activity in the world.

Today t shirt printing has developed alternative t-shirt printing techniques, which is a combination of traditional screen printing and digital t shirt printing. These two systems are now the most common textile printing technologies in use today.

We offer a T-shirt printing service including;
* Screen Printing
* Digital Printing
* Sublimation
* Discharge prints
* Foil, Metallic, Glitter, Glow in the Dark, Flocking
* Sequins & Rhinestones
* Embroidery
* Vinyl transfers
* Screen printed heat Transfers

T Shirt Design

The original T shirt design evolved from workers in mining and ship crews under garments used in the 1800s.  The t shirt was without a collar or buttons and suitable for working in hot environments, as a light and inexpensive body covering.   The t shirt design was for a easy slip-on shirt without buttons and dates back to recorded use during the Spanish–American war of 1893.

The t shirts design was a crew-necked, short sleeve, white cotton undergarment and became common with sailors and early submarines crew which soon became popular in other industries such a farming and factory work.

The t shirt design was a easy fit and easily cleaned and inexpensive, which allows the design to become a shirt suitable for boys.  By the 1920x the word “T-shirt” became part of the English language and was listed in the dictionary.

The t shirt design was made popular during the 1950s after it began to appear in Hollywood movies, worn by actors such as Marlon Brando and James Dean.

During the 1960s the T shirt design became a popular vehicle for self-expression as well as advertising and souvenirs.

To design a shirt you will need to consider the following factors :

1) fabric weight  – is measured in “grams per square meter”120gsm Jersey (light weight)  – 210gsm Jersey (heavy weight)

2) knit or woven fabric – Jersey is a knit used mostly in clothing manufacture.

The fabric can be very stretchy, usually light weight and mostly used to make T-shirts.

Jersey Knit can also be a double knitted jersey (interlock jersey).

Jersey fabrics can fall into the following categories.
a) Single jersey
b) Double jersey
c) Interlock jersey
d) Jacquard jersey
e) Clocqué jersey
f) Stretch jersey

3) shirt style –  Crew Neck, Vneck, Scoop Neck, Boat neck, Long sleeve, ¾ sleeve. Ringer tee, Raglan shoulder, raw edge tee..etc

The standard T-shirt extends to the waistline, however some recent fashions trends extends the body length of the t-shirt to mid thigh or longer which has become know as the “Tall Tee”.

While some body lengths can go above the waistline to show the stomach area know as the “Crop Top”.

Necklines can vary from the standard “crew neck”, Vneck, boat neck and scoop neckline.

Designer T-shirts have been adopted for night wear, which are dress length t-shirts which can be worn as nightgowns.  Alternatively, the body length of T-shirts mainly in womens styles which has shortened the body length to reveal the a “midriff”, known as a cropped T-shirt or crop top.

4) size range – mens, womens, kids or baby (size gradings)

mens sizes usually run : XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, 4XL, 5XL

womens sizes usually run : size 6, size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16, size 18, size 20, size 22.

Kids sizes usually run  size 2, size 4, size 6, size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16

Baby sizes usually run : size 00, size 0. Size 2

5) measurement specifications – when you design a shirt the shirt measurements are critical.

The size measurements cover all areas of the garment such as the body width, body length,
neck line, neck to shoulder, under arm and sleeve opening. The most common measurement
we you design a shirt is know as the half chest measurements. The “half chest” is the
measurement across the chest of a shirt (armpit to armpit) when laying flat on a table.

6) intended market – casual, formal, work wear etc

Personalised t shirts became popular in sporting and team events in the 1960s.

Since then personalised t shirts are now common in corporate and small business use were personal names are placed on the front or back of the t –shirt.

Personalised t shirts may involve the use of a personal image or names placed on the front or back of the shirt.  With the advent of “Digital printing” in the 1990s personalised t-shirts have become even more popular.

Create your own shirt

If your need to create your own shirt for a party or event, www.tshirthub.com.au is your once stop shop for all your personalised t shirts printing “needs.

At TshirtHUB.com.au you can personalise your t shirt as required, select your required colour, select your size, upload your design, add your own text or words.  The website will automatically calculate the cost and the shirts will arrvive within 3 to 4 days from the date of your order.

TshirtHUB is your one stop shop if you need to create your own custom shirt.

Custom tees are suitable for individual needs such as parties, fund raisers and marketing events.

There are 6 main factors  which can govern the cost for custom tees :
1) The colour of the Tshirt.  (it is cheaper to print on white shirts than coloured shirts)
2) the number of colours in your image.  (the more colours the more expensive)
3) the quantity.  (the more you print the cheaper the unit price)
4) the number of different positions on the shirt. (the more positions the more expensive)
5) shirt material (100% cotton, polyester or blend)
6) your required size range (do you want kids and adults or just adults only)

Custom T Shirt Printing

We have over 30 years experience in all custom T shirt printing and decorating processes, including screen printing, process printing, digital direct to garment printing, vinyl transfers, sublimation and embroidery, also relabeling, bar coding swing tags and poly bag packing service.

As there are so many variables in the decoration and distribution process, to be able to supply you with any quotation I will need to call you and discuss your exact print and distribution requirements.

Different Types of custom t shirt printing
1) Screen printing
3) Screen printed transfer
4) Digital ink
5) Digital Vinyl
6) Embroidery
7) sublimation

Some image are best printed using digital printing, while other images are best screen printed, while others are best done as a transfer, all depends on the quantity required at the time of order.

There are 6 main factors which govern the cost for custom t shirt printing :
1) The colour of the Tshirt.  (it is cheaper to print on white shirts than coloured shirts)
2) the number of colours in your image.  (the more colours the more expensive)
3) the quantity.  (the more you print the cheaper the unit price)
4) the number of different positions on the shirt. (the more positions the more expensive)
5) shirt material (100% cotton, polyester or blend)
6) your required size range (do you want kids and adults or just adults only)